Raising the standard of digital forensics.

At First Forensics we use the newest technology and expertly trained staff to make the unfindable, findable.

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A bit about us

Our experts have a wealth of forensic casework, evidence presentation in court and telecommunication industry experience.

We have built and designed specialised Radio Frequency surveying equipment which has been utilised for forensic casework throughout the UK and regularly provide specialist training on all aspects of digital forensics to both law enforcement, legal firms and private forensic companies.

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Our Products

Our Forensic Compass range of products puts exclusive cutting-edge technology in your hands. Creating opportunities for immediate location evidence gathering on-scene, propelling you to the front of any investigation.

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Just a few of our expertly provided services

  • Tower

    Cell Site Analysis

    We can analyse historical call data, expertly take Radio Frequency Measurements and produce a court ready report detailing the location of a mobile phone at a particular time.

  • Reports

    CDR/Call Data Records Analysis

    We can analyse CDRs to determine patterns linking phones together or confirming/refuting attribution.

  • Writting

    Report Writing

    Our expertly written reports provide specialised knowledge to assist the courts in understanding vital evidence.

  • Expert

    Expert Witness Services

    In-house, fully-qualified experts will provide specialised knowledge to help you understand the importance of location evidence and how to apply it to your case.

  • Phones

    Mobile Phone and Computer Forensic Examinations

    The recovery of digital evidence from any form of electronic device, including smartphones, computers, tablets and even games consoles.

  • Mapicon Web


    A powerful and intuitive software solution for mapping survey and comms data.

Training the best

Specialist on-site certification training is available in each of our areas of expertise and bespoke packages can be created for your organisation's individual needs.

Our online learning management system allows users to learn at all their own pace and track their progress and gain certificates in their chosen modules.

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Have any questions?

If you want to know anything else about our products or us we are just a email away from finding the solution to your problem.